Learn about acupuncture
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is an ancient system of medicine based on balancing the body's energy. Chinese Medicine is one of the oldest continuously practiced holistic medicines in the world and today is the fastest growing medical field here in the US... read more

What is herbal therapy?
Since ancient times, people have used plants for healing purposes. Even in today's modern world of pharmaceuticals, scientific research has validated the effectiveness of herbal remedies for treating a wide range of ailments... read more

Frequently Asked Questions
How safe is it?
Acupuncture is a safe, comfortable way of restoring health. I use only single use, sterile, individually packed needles that are immediately disposed of after use... read more

Seasonal News
A chill has returned to the morning air. The aspens begin to turn golden. Autumn is upon us again. Autumn marks the end of the growing season. The time of year to reap the harvest. This is a time of turning inward... read more

Information about Julie Barnett
As a result of her training and life experience, Julie brings a depth of understanding and awareness of human nature to her practice. She takes the time to listen to the needs of her patients and encourages them to participate in their healing process... read more