Winter is here, protect your knees
The snow has finally arrived. Winter is upon us again. Winter is associated with the element of Water in Chinese Medicine; it is the energy that gives us our reserves and resources. This is the best time to rest and replenish. Winter marks the darkest, coldest part of the year. Here in the mountains we experience the cold, but our bright sun keeps our days full of light. Dress warm. Get outside. Walk, play, ski, breathe in the cold air and then come back to the warmth of your home.

Winter is associated with the organ systems of the Kidney and Urinary Bladder. The Kidneys are often referred to as the "Root of Life". This is because they store the Essence which is partly derived from the parents and established at conception. Kidneys have a yin and yang aspect. Kidney Yin is the fundamental substance for birth, growth and reproduction. Kidney Yang is the active force of all physiological processes. In health, these two forces form a whole, In diseases, however, a separation of Kidney Yin and Yang occurs.

The functions of the Kidney are to store essence and govern birth, reproduction, growth and development. The Kidneys produce and maintain bones, teeth, bone marrow, brain and spinal cord health. The Kidney energy also is responsible for the nourishment of the hair and the proper functioning of the ears. The knees and other joints are affected by winter (and of course, skiing!!). Acupuncture is a great therapy to treat knee, ankle or low back problems which are often aggravated in Winter.

Western medical studies have found kidney deficiency to be relevant for immune and endocrine disorders, bone problems, aging and menopause and reproductive health. Studies show that proper supplementaion of the kidney energy can significantly improve these conditions. During the winter months, the kidney energy is at its most vulnerable. It is also the time when the kidney energy is most profoundly influenced.

Within the energy of Winter lies our Will Power, our ability to keep motivated and inspired. If the Kidneys are strong, the willpower will be strong and the mind will be focused on goals that it sets. Nourish your Kidney energy both physically and mentally. Drink more water. Stretch your bones. Floss your teeth. Fill your reserve tank so you are restored for Spring.

Come in for a Winter acupuncture tune-up . Winter is the busiest time of the year at the Healing Arts Center clinic. It is an important time to keep the body strong for the colder days and boost the immune system to protect against cold and flus. Discover Chinese Medicine and develop greater harmony between body, mind and spirit.


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